I am struggling with an issue that I have put off acknowledging for a few months: My spring evals. They were, as I said earlier, terrible. Like, really bad. They are a strong outlier compared to every other semester I’ve ever had since I began teaching in the Fall of 2009. 

The reasons, of course, are plenty. I was constantly sick, depressed, burned out, over-worked, and traveling way too much for interviews, seeing the spouse, and conferences. That said, I have no idea how I’m going to incorporate these evals into my teaching portfolio. Part of me says, “Well, suck it up. If they ask, you can explain a bit about why things were low, and then talk about how you worked to change things for future class.” The other part of me says, “Are you stupid? Anyone who sees those numbers will immediately round-file your application, and perhaps burn it for good measure.” 

Do I include them? If so, should I provide some kind of accompanying statement? I’m really at a loss here. I’m afraid if I do just leave them out entirely that I’ll raise some kind of red flag.