I consulted with my chair about the pesky gradegrubber, and she said to tell the student that if he wants to contest his grade that he’ll have to deal with her. I sent him an e-mail saying as much and he then responded with some horseshit about “I only want to be given the grade that I earned.” Somehow he didn’t get the message from my 4 or so responses that said that he had, in fact, been given the grade he earned.

Part of me feels bad that my chair even has to waste her time with this chucklehead. Another part of me wants to see him try to bullshit her and get shut down with a force as swift and merciless as Hell itself. This guy has a lot to learn about what it means to work hard.

In other news, it appears that two young gentlemen in my intro class have a bit of a crush on me and have a running competition to see who can brownnose and impress me the most. Whatever it takes, muchachos. At least someone’s paying attention!

Also, I’m in the process of once again revising my materials for this years go-round on the market. This week’s task is revamping my teaching philosophy. I ask you, dear readers: What things absolutely *must* be on a teaching philosophy to catch your eye? (Or, what elements did your teaching philosophy include that ultimately got you the job you currently have?) If any of you are willing to eyeball my statement as it stands now, I’d be terribly grateful. I can create a separate post with the text if I get a couple of takers.