So it’s been a long while, dear readers. I have been insanely busy with finishing an article, teaching a summer class, travel, packing, moving, having surgery, and recovering. (And in my spare time…ha!) In brief, here are some RBOC:

  • The article is nearly done. Another 3-4 hours of work over a day or two, and it’ll be shipped out. I am averaging about 2 pubs a year, which isn’t terrible when you consider my teaching schedule.
  • The summer class went well. I was actually sorry to see it end. What a great bunch of students!
  • At the end of summer session, I flew to be with the Spouse. We took a weekend trip to New Orleans with some friends as a kind of last hurrah. We had quite a time! I also got hooked on bounce, which is a style of rap particular to New Orleans that involves a lot of booty popping. One of my faves is here
  • Packing and moving the Spouse up to New Job town went fairly well, other than UHaul dicking us over the day before we were going to pick up our truck. Luckily, Penske rescued us. Also, about 2 hours into our drive north, the bike and rack flew off the back of the car on the interstate. I not only stopped in record time, but also grabbed the bike and rack out of the middle of the highway without getting severely injured or killed. Good times.
  • I had sinus surgery on Monday, and it went very well. At today’s follow-up, my doctor noted that I was doing an amazing job with my neti pot rinses. Already, I am breathing better than I have in years ( or possibly ever). Here’s hoping that I have approximately zero illnesses this fall/winter.
  • That’s about it. The semester begins next Wednesday, and blogging will normalize then.