A student of mine in the spring semester turned in an abysmal paper (by any measure). They were supposed to write a research paper, this guy turned in what can only be described as an anecdotal essay about high school athletics. I asked for APA style, but he provided no in-text cites or bibliography. Grammar and spelling issues out the wazoo. On his rough draft, I told him that there were major issues and even told him what he needed to do. There were online instructions, office hours, and rubrics for both the rough and final drafts. He disregarded all of that.

Obviously, this guy did not get a desireable grade. Worse yet, he has been persistently e-mailing me since the end of the semester asking me to “reconsider” and telling me that he “worked really hard.” I honestly wish I could post his paper to show what a farce it was, but I’m sure that violates some kind of FERPA regulation. Today, I received my 5th such e-mail from him, and I responded that it did not meet the assignment, I’m not changing the grade, etc.

He responded by saying that he had both a Yale and Emory grad review the paper, and that person said that it wasn’t a bad paper. I really wanted to respond, “Are you fucking kidding me?” but I will likely just set up an e-mail filter to prevent further reading of his bullshit whining.

What would you do in my situation? This person is absolutely delusional, and I’m sick of this. It’s almost the end of the summer term, and I’m still dealing with pathetic excuses from the spring semester. I know that if I were older (or not a woman) that this guy wouldn’t pull this kind of stunt, but there isn’t much I can do about that. Frustrating all the same.