Today officially marks the last day I spend in my twenties. It has been one hell of a decade, but I can’t say that I’m completely sorry to see it go. In this decade I have:

  • Finished college and graduate school
  • Been published (thrice!)
  • Written an award-winning dissertation
  • Presented at multiple academic conferences
  • Ran a marathon
  • Got married
  • Traveled the world
  • Moved to another state all by myself
  • Had severe medical issues
  • Disappointed my parents
  • Lost many people dear to me

It hasn’t been all bad, but I look forward to the adventures that my thirties will inevitably bring. Thus, I’m creating a list that I’ll call “30 in my 30s,” in which I will catalog 30 things I want to do in my 30s. I initially wanted to create a list of things I wanted to do during my 30th year, but it seemed a bit much. So, without further ado…The list!

  1. Get a permanent job of some sort (tenure-track, or some “real” non-academic job).
  2. Travel to 5 more countries I’ve never been to (hoping for at least one Scandinavian country, two South American countries, one African country, and an Asian country)
  3. Run a half marathon in under 3 hours
  4. Complete a triathalon
  5. Live in a big city
  6. Keep my weight at or under my target weight
  7. Go on a for-real hiking trip somewhere cool
  8. Finally learn how to grow plants without killing them
  9. Be in a place of financial security and freedom
  10. Take more domestic trips
  11. Start writing a book (academic)
  12. Get published at least 10 more times
  13. Knit an entire sweater
  14. Learn how to sew
  15. Build an incredible wine cellar
  16. Eat at some epic Michelin-starred restaurant (French Laundry, Alinea, etc.)
  17. Let myself spend more time in leisure
  18. Take both of my parents on some exciting trip
  19. Go on more long bike rides (not just on vacation)
  20. Learn how to treat myself without feeling guilty
  21. Save at least 15% of my income for retirement
  22. Stop buying cheap shoes or clothes
  23. Have all of my currently unframed art/posters framed (there’s a lot, trust me)
  24. Take more time to care for myself
  25. Take time to be involved in my community
  26. Be social at least twice a week
  27. Complete my entire course of allergy shots
  28. Go an entire year without getting sick
  29. Learn how to make an amazing tarte/pie crust
  30. Do something crazy and impulsive (but harmless) just once.