Now that I’m realizing that it is indeed the second week of July and my to-do list is still rather long and unfinished, I’ve been getting down to business. I got some writing done on something that’s been a monkey on my back for a while, and then turned my attention to a theoretical piece that I want to get out before next Thursday. This particular article is based on some stuff I have presented at conferences and in our department research series, but I’ve never put it down on paper. I’m pretty excited about it because it challenges some recently developed (and somewhat incorrect) claims made by a researcher who seems to be making hella cash money on these controversial but half-baked findings. No one seems to be seriously calling hir out on it, when indeed there are huge issues. A few people have written critiques of hir methods, but these folks don’t get daytime talk show appearances, mentions in the NYT, and the like.

I’m also working on getting the new house ready for Spouse to move up here in just a matter of weeks. The fact that I’m leaving here in 9 days to go there to pack and drive up here just makes it all the more stressful. The house is super-cute, and it is far more comfortable than either of the places we had been living in. A couple of new pieces of furniture will definitely be a welcome addition. The new sofa is set to arrive early next week, and I am quivering in anticipation!

The class is going well, although the recent heat wave coupled with all of the other things going on in my life have resulted in me showing up to teach each morning totally and utterly knackered. I’m hoping that this goes away so that I can actually have the physical and mental energy to get things done and not fall asleep early.

Also, there’s the little matter of a certain round-number birthday coming up on Saturday. I suppose I’m OK with it (as the alternative is not to my liking), but I’m feeling a bit conflicted. My friends have been so wonderful, and they threw a fantastic party for me on Sunday, complete with sangria, margaritas, tacos, appetizers, and amazing cakes. Yes, plural. My dad is coming up for a couple of days this weekend, and it will be nice to see him again. One advantage of living in his native state is that he has a few excuses to come up this way, even if I don’t seem to be the main attraction.

On a more superficial note, I’m really wanting to treat myself to something nice yet useful with my birthday money. Finances are slightly tight what with moving and Spouse leaving his job, but I feel like this being a special birthday and all, I should be a tad frivolous. I’m thinking of getting something like this or this. Thoughts?