I realized that I haven’t posted in a good while, but for good reason. Teaching 8 hours a week, travel, socializing, and preparing to move 2 households is a bit time-consuming. Unfortunately, my scholarly productivity hasn’t been stellar, but I am committed to getting on that this week, given that it’s July and I haven’t written a word. Sigh.

Little by little, I am packing things here to move them over to the new house. I spent a lovely half hour at the DMV becoming an officially licensed driver in New Job State a mere 11 months after actually moving here. And, because this state loves its bureaucratic inefficiencies, I have to go to a whole other city to register my vehicle and get new plates. This is going to involve a whole maelstrom of paperwork, because my car is still being paid off to a credit union back in Sleepy Southern Town. Should be a barrel of monkeys!

Blissfully, I do enjoy my students and the class I am teaching. They are the type of student one expects when taking a job at a highly ranked liberal arts school, yet I’ve encountered so few until now. My chair and I discussed my evals, and I told her the steps I was taking to make sure that I never had another semester like this spring’s. She didn’t seem too happy with me leaving a few days early, but I just apologized and left it at that. It didn’t seem appropriate to disclose how truly miserable and sick I was.

She alluded to her perception that my students were a bunch of whiny little shits who burned me out, and I neither agreed nor disagreed. All she needs to know is that things will be so much better for all of us in the future, because they will. I am tired of this need to police my students, and so I’ll focus solely on knowledge acquisition (and demonstrations of said knowledge acquisition). They are on their own otherwise. It’s not my job to make them care. I only wish I’d realized this sooner.