I got my course evaluations today, and as I’d anticipated, they were pretty damn terrible. Truly the worst I’ve ever had. As awful as it is, it really does not surprise me. Between my health issues, the perils of the job search, and my struggles with depression this semester, it’s a wonder I was even able to finish the semester at all. I did not do my best teaching at all, and I paid the price.

They mostly seemed to hate the pop quizzes and the fact that I didn’t accept late work. To make my job easier next year, I’m just not assigning homework (beyond the required readings) and I’m doing away with pop quizzes. They’ll know when they are and what is on them, so they’ll have no one to blame but themselves when they don’t do well. I’m also eliminating the final paper and just doing  standard-issue midterm and final exams. I overworked myself and got nightmare results. Not worth it.

I’m going to do my best to learn from this experience and never replicate this semester again. If I have another semester like that, I’m going to just quit. What a mess.

In other (better) news, I found a place for us to live next year! It’s a lovely half-double built in 1927 with lots of hardwoods in a nearby town. The commute will be 15-20 minutes each way, but I’m OK with that. We’ll be living 2 blocks from one of the best brewpubs in the country, and close to other amenities (bars, restaurants, grocery store, etc.). Also, the rent is about $300/month less than what I was finding in New Job Town. With the Spouse planning to be mostly unemployed next year, this will help tremendously!