Ok guys, confession time: I still am not over the lack of resolution in the Farflung U. situation. It bugs me and bugs me. The difficulty finding a place to live in New Job Town only compounds this frustration. I’d so much rather be devoting my energies to finding a place where I know I’ll be living for at least a few years (especially if it’s in an exciting place like Farflungland). Instead, I’m spending hours a day looking for a place where I may not be living in a year. Such a waste.

This may have been stupid and desperate, but I sent the search chair and the dean (whom I met in person, if you remember) a brief and polite e-mail asking what is going on with the search. I also made sure to tell them that I’m only visiting next year and will be continuing to look for a job.

I’m really hoping that over the next few days that I get some kind of response. It would be nice to have closure, even if the answer is what I fear it is.