The final papers were due in my intro-level class last night at 10 PM. A bit after, I checked and found that two of my students in the morning class failed to turn in their paper. In the syllabus (in bold print, no less), on the Course Management System, and in class on multiple occasions, I said, “I will not accept any late papers for any reason. If you don’t turn it in, you get a zero.”

Both students e-mailed me this morning saying that “for some reason” they thought the paper was due today. Methinks that reason is “We didn’t check the CMS or the syllabus or listen in class.”

My dilemma: I’m inclined to stick with my policy, but would it be appropriate to work out some arrangement with them? Or, should this be a lesson to them about the value of not making uninformed assumptions in the face of constant reminders?

I hate to be thinking along these lines, but the course evaluations are already in, so I’m not worried about my evals. Do I stick to my guns or cut them some slack?