Like many of you, I’m in the throes of grading right now. The first major deadline is Tuesday, but I’ve already received and graded nearly a 1/3 of my Intro to Culinary Psychology students’ papers. A few gems, a few dogpiles, and a lot in between.

One student with a dogpile paper did nothing to revise and improve his rough draft, and paid the price. I gave online comments for the rough draft (using TurnItin…never again, ugh) and a hard copy rubric for the draft making it clear where the student needed to make improvements. Yet he acted as if none of that existed and turned in a rather mediocre rough draft as a final draft. So glad I wasted 25 minutes of my life working on that. /sarcasm

Of course, there are the few who really go the distance with brilliant ideas and sparkling prose. Those are the ones who remind me that I enjoy what I do and am privileged to work with them. If only there were more…

I’m looking forward to teaching this class again sans paper and written assignments. Students will always find ways to distinguish (or damn) themselves, and I don’t think writing is necessarily the way for them to do it.