Since my last post, I have had two interactions with fellow bloggers who have some particular experience living in Farflungland. I won’t identify them, but I want to express my utmost appreciation to you both. You’ve done much to open our eyes and assuage our concerns.

A colleague of mine put me in touch w/ a former professor of hers from her time as a student at another similar institution in another (not similar) country. Two phone conversations with him have also been extremely helpful. I’ve been given much to think about.

The meeting on Tuesday with the dean went quite well. Zi asked very pointed questions of me, and it really helped me to a) show that I’m the perfect fit for the job and b) feel better about what I might be getting myself into. Our conversation helped to further dispel many of my (and the spouse’s) concerns. The job as a whole is absolutely perfect for me. I really can’t believe that I’m so lucky to even be a contender for this. All I can do now is give my next-round interview with them my all and hope for good news soon!

Now my concern is this: How do I manage to hold on to my offer here long enough to let things develop? Today, I’m going to be talking to my chair and someone in the dean’s office to say, “Look, I want to be transparent here. I’m happy to stay here, but not if it means having to turn down tenure track offers. My contract offer expires in less than a week. Can I get more time?” I mean, seriously, I have three potential leads on TT offers. This is big. One person advised me that if they are unwilling to do this, that they are being manipulative. Sadly, in my position, I have very little leverage, but at a certain point, I have to look out for my career.

Wish me luck as I attempt to be self-serving and mercenary today. This does not come easy to me, especially after nearly 3 years of this constant battering by the market and my own private demons.