Please tell me at least one of you gets the reference in the title.

Well, it’s getting real. Farflung U. has booked my ticket to go meet the dean in Chicago. I also have a Skype interview set up for the 18th (the day on which my offer at my current university expires) to talk with more of the faculty and some grad students at Farflung U.

Also, I am traveling to Huge National Conference (yes, sucker that I am, I am going after all) next weekend and I have a brief sit-down with two of the committee members from the place that previously rejected me scheduled for Sunday afternoon. The job is at a second-tier public university in a fairly decent location, and the program is fairly new, so there’s room for me to establish an identity there.

If Sucktown U. wants to hire me as their first choice, I should hear within the next 2-3 days. I can’t say that I’m automatically going to accept their offer, given what I have in the queue, but if nothing else pans out, I would be happy to go there. It’s so funny how I went from feeling a sense of desperation that SU was my only TT prospect to almost viewing them as a placeholder. However, I’m taking absolutely nothing for granted. I have so many friends here at NJU who are visitors like me who have totally struck out on the market. I know I am lucky, and I am holding out hope that something good happens to me soon.