As I posted on Twitter, my job search just turned past “Crazy” and went straight to “soft padded cell.”

As I was sitting in my office tying up some loose ends before going home, and e-mail popped up. I have yet another phone interview request, and for a job that had previously rejected me. Further, they hope to have the entire process wrapped up by the end of the month. Phone interviews, campus visit, and offer.

Ok, so for those of you reading from home (or the office), this is my current situation:

1. Offer in hand to remain at my current job one more year as a VAP (expires at 5 PM on the 18th)

2. Waiting on a potential offer for a TT position that could come some time in the next week (from “Sucktown U.”)

3. Just completed a Skype interview with a well-regarded university on a totally different continent whose decision timeline is somewhere between two and three weeks. Also TT.

4. Newly received request for a phone/Skype interview for a TT position at a place that previously rejected me. Timeline is about 4 weeks.

I ask you, blogosphere confidantes: What does one do in a situation like this? Do I turn down an offer in hand when my potentials look like this, or do I play it safe with my cards close to the vest? When it comes to looking out for my own interests, I freely admit that I totally suck. Being self-serving or mercenary just isn’t in my repertoire, and I fear that this is to my detriment.