This morning’s Skype interview with Farflung University went quite well. Perhaps one could say that I rocked it. I had a moment of panic when they were a few minutes late, but it turns out it was due to technical difficulties and a change of venue. They were a kind and interesting group, and I learned a lot about Farflung U. (all of it good).

Now my big panic is whether I’m going to have the time to wait on them if they do extend an offer. I e-mailed the associate dean here this morning to ask, “Um, so do I actually have an offer or was my chair just pulling my leg?” Turns out that there was a communication snafu, the result of which is an extension of the kill date for the offer. This opens things up slightly, but I fear it isn’t enough.

It’s so difficult because I don’t want to be unemployed next year, but I also don’t want to lose the opportunity to accept my dream job (if they indeed want to hire me). I waited around for so long in a state of despair, and now that I do have options, they’re coming at a most inconvenient time. I should be grateful (and I am), but also rather unhappy that I’m still in this situation at all. This whole search has made me feel utterly powerless, and three years of this is plenty long enough.