I took the plunge last night while out with some friends for dinner and drinks. Yes, I ate meat. For realsies. My first Stateside foray into eating meat in 7 years was a most delicious Reuben sandwich. 

Not going to lie: That thing was so delicious. After the first bite, I said, “Oh, man. This is so f*cking good!” I managed to eat a bit more than half of it before giving up (it was a rather large sandwich). The after effects weren’t so bad, although it did sit heavy on my stomach for many hours. As my body acclimates to eating meat again, it may not be so hard. I’m thinking I may need to retrain myself to eat slower and take smaller bites. 

I’m not quite ready to label myself as an ex-vegetarian yet. If I don’t start seeing some sort of benefit  within about a month or so, I’ll just go back to being veg again. Mostly, I’m hoping for a better immune system and a lot more energy and mental focus. 

Four more teaching days until I’m off for spring break. Can’t wait!