Talking to the Spouse today, I really reflected on how awful my health has been over the past few years. Really, I feel like I have been sick more than not.  Given that I’m not yet 30 and also don’t have any overtly unhealthy habits, this is a problem. People my age should not be this sick this often.

I know that the last few years have not been so kind to me, with finishing grad school, a punishing job search, multiple deaths in my family, moving away, living apart from the spouse, family drama, etc. Even still, at a certain point, I need to make peace with all of that. I can’t keep living like this, if you can even call it living. Stress is of course one component of all this madness, but I can’t help but wonder if there isn’t something else going on, too.

One potential solution may be for me to become more of an omnivore and incorporate more animal products (yes, even meat) into my diet. Under normal circumstances, a vegetarian diet can be plenty, but perhaps I need more. This feels like a drastic step, and one that I will undertake only after some serious thought. I wouldn’t become a full-on meat eater, but once or twice a week at most. I’d still choose humane and sustainable options over the factory-farmed stuff, particularly since I’m trying to be healthier. (I can’t possibly see how an animal who has been fed a poor diet, pumped full of antibiotics, and subjected to abuse would actually produce something edible.)

I’m also going to rethink some of my work habits. Many a weekend has been spent doing work, and I think that shifting my schedule around to allow for weekends off would do me good. I have plenty of time during the week to get things done, and it will be even easier if I set aside the weekends for taking care of myself and my needs (including the need for rest and leisure).

It’s certainly a work in progress, but one that I hope pays off in better health and a happier me.