As the days and hours roll by, I become more and more convinced that I did not get the job. Apparently there was a flurry of reference-contacting (my references, at least) going on all last week and early this week. They were supposed to have made a decision last Thursday or Friday, so obviously that did not happen. When exactly they made (or will make) a decision remains to be seen. My dissertation advisor has kept me abreast of who was contacted at my grad institution, and he seems to think that 1) I’m a serious contender and 2) The decision is a very close one. It may be between me and another candidate, but of course I have no sense where I rank in comparison. I’m rather hoping that the balance tips in my favor, but that may not be meant to be.

My ray of hope lies in an invitation I received today to do a phone interview for a t-t position at a somewhat similar school. At least I am not totally without tenure track prospects.

Or, as the Dowager Countess would say: