Did I really just do that? Yes, apparently I did.

Today I cruised over to the wikis (yes, multiple wikis…I’m just lucky that way) and found that a number of jobs I’ve applied to have moved on without me. Hmm. As I scrolled through the entries, I thought to myself, “If I’m not getting so much as a phone interview from these people, who IS?!” Truly baffling. They range from R1 behemoths to bottom-tier schools, but they share a common thread: Lack of desire to give me the time of day. Nothing to do but keep my head down and just keep swimming.

I’m also in a rather unpleasant state of affairs because my blissful 6 weeks with the spouse are winding to a close. I go back on Tuesday mid-morning, and we won’t be together again until February 8. The only thing keeping me from a full-on breakdown is that in the meantime I’ll have the beginning of the semester, a revise-and-resubmit to finish, a campus visit, and a visit from my mom to keep me occupied. Also, the day I leave will start the countdown for 91 days until we no longer have to live apart. We can deal with that, knowing that it’s temporary. How people do this as a matter of course for years at a time defies comprehension.

The next couple of weeks will be hectic, so I can’t promise very much in the way of posts. Enjoy yourselves, dears!