The grading isn’t going so badly thus far, but dealing with some of the drama generated by slacker, clueless students is driving me to drink. Make no mistake: The overwhelming majority of my students are just fine and are not a bit of trouble. But the two or three who have suddenly realized that I actually give grades for things like turning in work on time and attendance really just need to take a good smack in the head with a clue-by-four. The best one is the student who failed to turn in the form actually enrolling hir in my class, never came to class, and basically turned nothing in. Now, zi is raising a stink in the dean’s office about how zi should get credit for the course and doesn’t understand why zi is failing (in a course in which zi isn’t even enrolled). Yeah, nice try, but areyoufuckingkiddingme?!

Luckily, both the dean and my department chair seem to have my back on this one. I hope that there isn’t further drama. Thank His Noodly Appendage that I will be out of the country for over a week and won’t be checking e-mail during that time. Like hell I’m going to take time out of my hard-earned vacation to deal with some entitled know-nothing.