Phone interview #2 on Friday went pretty well. I felt like I answered their questions well and portrayed myself in a positive light. If I make the next cut, I should be finding out some time next week. This week, Phone Interview #1 folks will contact me if I made the next round. I would be so excited to leave for Turkey knowing that I have an interview or two to look forward to!

Having not been as successful on the market the first two years, I am new to the realization that a lot of job market stuff happens between mid-November and late December. It leaves me wondering what kinds of sadists and masochists are involved in this whole job market racket. As if our semesters aren’t already a frantic shitstorm of work,  then you add on the burden of conducting phone interviews, scheduling interviews, reviewing applications, etc.? Utter insanity.

Now that the spouse is here with me and we’ll be together for over 6 weeks, I’ve put the brakes on my work a bit. I have some grading to do, and a few other administrative duties, but I’m not coming in early and leaving late per usual. My work will still be there when I get back, and I have definitely earned the time off! However, before leaving for the trip, I have to accomplish the following:

  • Grade 60 final drafts
  • Tally grades for 60 people
  • Create syllabi for my spring classes
  • Upload some stuff to an accountability database I agreed to contribute to
  • Write a personal statement for an election to a professional organization Executive Board
  • Write a letter explaining why I deserve to participate in an Early Career Workshop at next year’s Huge National Conference
  • At least think about what I’ll be doing for the revise and resubmit of a diss-related article

If idle hands are the Devil’s workshop, I’d say that I’m safe.