Hat tip to one of my favorite Belle & Sebastian songs


I stupidly had all of my students turn in their rough drafts (all 60 of them) at the same time, and I promised essentially a 2-week turnaround on them. Thanksgiving and the Spouse’s visit happened to coincide with this timeframe. What on earth was I thinking? Some of the drafts are decent, but some make me curse out loud.

My only consolation is that I have absolutely no class prep to do, which frees up time and energy to grade. However, I also have a fuck-ton of stuff to do that has really nothing to do with teaching, but everything to do with my career development and the whole “getting a job” thing that I’ve been working on.

The phone interview earlier this week went very well, but I have my hesitations about the job. My main problem is the heavy emphasis on teaching (almost) to the exclusion of research. I hardly fancy myself an R1-caliber research heavy-hitter, but I do enjoy what I do and I find it an integral part of my professional life. If I can’t get some sort of support for my research agenda, I wonder what my career will look like (and whether I’d find it as fulfilling). They all but said, “We really don’t care what you do, so long as you teach a 4-4 for us,” and that worries me. I have another phone interview next week at a slightly more research-intensive school in a more desireable location, so I’m holding out hope for that.