A piece of advice for all students at all levels: Do not e-mail your professor to say that you will be absent and then ask him/her to “let [you] know if [you] miss anything important.”

Listen here, jackwagon, everything in my class is important. I do not waste my time or yours with trivial things. My university isn’t paying me what they do for me to fritter away class time willy-nilly. Further, I sure as hell hope that you don’t intend to dick around in class, given what you pay to go here. There are plenty of universities at which you can totally coast under the radar, sleep in class uninterrupted (as you attempt to do in my class), do mediocre work, and pay 1/10 of what you do here. In fact, there’s a university just down the road where people literally dick around, and even there, it’s problematic.

You do not place yourself in my good graces when you insinuate that you should only come to class occasionally. You really piss me off when you act as if it’s my job to make up for your shortcomings without any effort on your part.

In. Deed.