Having to go to a laundromat to do laundry is something I really don’t enjoy. Yet, my neighbors have been monopolizing the on-site facilities, and I resorted to sleeping in a slip last night, so I was compelled to come here. At least this joint has WiFi and is relatively peaceful this time of day. Also, getting 3 loads done at once is rather nice, given that I have an on-campus meeting at noon.

To say that I’m getting totally killed now is about right. I’ve taken to prepping the night before classes and generally panicking about my to-do list. Things were running somewhat smoothly until the job search began in earnest. That alone is a part-time job, what with looking for jobs, writing cover letters, etc. The Spouse is also putting a great deal of pressure on me, given that this whole process has serious implications for him, too. It can be a bit much at times.

Most of my issues stem from allowing myself to be over-scheduled. There are a lot of opportunities for me here, but I need to learn to pull back a bit and take care of fundamentals, namely myself and my job duties. I have a great deal of research ideas that have been put on the back burner, and I really need to work on those in earnest to get things rolling by the end of the year. My word for the next few weeks is, “NO.”

I also need to take it easy on the class prep front. It’s fun to try new things, but when that’s all I’m doing every single class, it creates a bit too much disequilibrium for my tastes. For the next few weeks, I will adhere to the adage, “Never care more about their education than they do.” I will do my job and do it well, but I’m not going to continue breaking my neck.  Baby steps, y’all. A few new things, mostly old things, and we’ll all be happier.