In order to set my mind at ease (and to occupy my mind so as to avoid thinking about the distance between me and Spouse), I’ve been doing a lot of piddly things around the house and the office to set the wheels in motion for a good semester. I finally invested in some cheap wine glasses, so I can drink some wine out of decent vessels. I’ve been cooking a lot to feed myself and to feel like I actually live here.  In the office, I’ve had an extra shelf moved out and a cozy chair moved in so that I can read comfortably and make the office feel inviting. With the addition of a bulletin board and something to put on the wall, my workspace will be complete!

Ticking off things on my to-do lists has also helped tremendously. I am finally enrolled in payroll and benefits stuff, so I’ll get paid and have insurance coverage (novelties in my world).  I finally bought a laptop bag for my work computer since apparently one of my cats pissed in my laptop bag (like hell I’m using that thing again).  I have an order in for some really good foundational books that will be the bulk of the readings in one of my courses.  It’s nice to just be able to order them because I need them, not worrying about whether I’ll have money to eat (the department is buying them).  This whole job thing is still a tad surreal for me, but I’m liking it!

I just need to finish a syllabus and get some other prep stuff done before taking off Thursday afternoon to see Spouse and 2/3 of our furry companions for a few days. (!!) When I return, my roommate will be back in town, I’ll have to attend the opening ceremonies for the school year, and then classes begin, thereby obliterating any time I might have had to mope.

Somehow, I’ll get through this…