This morning, I dropped Spouse off at the airport, thus marking the beginning of an academic year of sporadic visits and loneliness.  We swore we wouldn’t let it get to us, but we were both pretty upset when it was time to drop him off curbside.  And I just might have cried the entire 90 minute drive home.  Sigh.  The day got better, and I even had a productive meeting with a grad student who wants me on his committee.  Also, the weather has been blissfully perfect.  I try to find the good where I can.  We’ll never be apart more than about 2 weeks (give or take a few days), and absence makes the heart grow fonder, n’est-ce pas?

Professionally speaking, things have been absolutely fantastic so far.  My colleagues have been supremely welcoming, and I’ve met a number of young, new faculty who have made this town a great place to be.  My office is mostly set up and ready for use.  While it’s sparse, I feel like I’ve put in touches that will make it welcoming for all and comfortable for me.  It’s such a surreal experience to have a door with my name on it, my very own computer, and access to the resources I need to be productive. I attended a three-day pedagogy workshop that was surprisingly helpful and (mostly) enjoyable.  It was also a fantastic opportunity to meet people, and it’s so incredible for me to feel connected to a community of bright and ambitious scholars.

I have felt such a wide range of emotions over the past few weeks, but overall I’d say that things are good and can only get better.