It’s been a roller coaster, chickadees.  To be honest, a lot has happened to me over the past 6 weeks, and I’m not entirely sure that I’ve processed all of it (or even most of it).  In summary:

  • One of the largest storm systems in US history dropped in for a visit to devastate my city while I was away interviewing for a job. I was fortunate in that I wasn’t there to cower in the powder room under the stairs. In many ways, it was worse for me being 900 miles away, watching Sleepy Southern Town get ripped to shreds via live video feed, and worried that Spouse and our furry children were going to be obliterated.  I initially thought that the tornado was bearing down on our old neighborhood (where many of our friends live), and I was inconsolable. I’ve never been so happy to see people posting on Facebook in my entire life. When it was all said and done, none of my friends or colleagues were killed or seriously injured, although many (probably around 10) lost their homes.  Now, when I drive around, I wish I could drive with my eyes closed to retain my memory of what things were, not what they are.  It is truly horrifying, and I don’t think any of us will get over it any time soon.
  • I found a job! I start in August teaching at a well-regarded liberal arts school in the Northeast, and I’ll be teaching culinary psychology to undergrads and masters students. The town is cute, the department is amazingly friendly, the students are bright, and the pay/benefits are fantastic.  My teaching schedule is, er, less than ideal, but given everything else, I can hardly complain.  I will have plenty of time to be productive as a scholar, if I am disciplined.
  • Despite the excitement, there are moments of sadness, as Spouse is unable to join me because of his contract.  We will see each other at least 5 times over the course of the fall semester, and then another 3 or 4 times in the Spring.  Our time together over the winter break will last from Thanksgiving until mid-January, so our separation from one another will not actually be too bad.  With video chat and cell phones, we’ll be in contact almost as much as we are living together.
  • Another positive is that I found a place to live, and will have a roommate.  Our original intent was to find an inexpensive place for me that would be around $600/month, but this arrangement keeps me from being completely alone, and costs far less than we planned.  She’s a grad student in the hard sciences, and seems to be a person with whom I am compatible. A bonus is that I can also bring one of our cats with me, so Mr. Grieves and I will be cuddling up against the cold Northern winters. And no, I am not a crazy cat lady.
  • We had a fantastic trip to Spain from May 11-June 1 that I will recap in a proper entry.  Here are the photos we took while there, complete with captions.
Spain 2011