Still no word from the job I interviewed for now nearly a month ago. At this point, I’ve resigned myself to accepting whatever outcome may result.  It’s not apathy or ambivalence; rather, it’s the recognition that something will eventually work out. I can’t tie my self-worth to the arbitrary decisions of a group of strangers.

Tonight, my phone rang at around 7 PM, from a strange area code.  I have…A CAMPUS INTERVIEW. (!!!!!)  Not only that, but at a school that hasn’t so much as phone interviewed me.  (Trust me, I’m not complaining!) It’s next week, which is super-short notice, but I’m ready.  I also may be hearing back from last week’s phone interview as soon as this week or early next week.  Oh, and I applied for a job at a decent R1 a mere 90 minutes from here that would be an exact fit for me in every way.  This last opportunity would be especially perfect because Spouse would keep his job and I could commute from here easily.

This whole process is such a freaking roller coaster.  It’s no wonder I walk around a distracted, exhausted mess!