Things that have made me pissy as of late:

1. Not getting reimbursed in a timely manner. I don’t make much money, so anything I spend in service of my job is a huge hit.  Not getting paid back within a week or two puts me in a bind.  I’m looking at you, University Where I Adjunct.

2. Related to #1, if you bring in a candidate, make her drive 5 hours one-way (in a rental car), and then fail to make dinner plans for her the last night of her stay, you should 1) reimburse her for dinner and 2) reimburse her for the gas she paid for.  This job I interviewed for last month cost me nearly $100 above and beyond what I was reimbursed for.  Not. Cool. I should hear any day about whether I got the job, and if they reject me, I’m going after them for the rest.

3. The constant phone calls, e-mails, and FB messages asking, “So, heard anything about the jobs yet?”  Darlings, come near, and Dr. Freckles will tell you something…This is goddamned STUPIDEST question you could possibly ask a job-searching human being.  It is akin to the practice of calling pregnant women to ask, “Have you had that baby yet?!”  Both scenarios should end with a resounding sucker punch.  If the person wants you to know something, he or she will tell you.  If they aren’t talking, there’s a damn good reason.

4. Waiting on other people.  This whole process has made me cynical and pissy.  So over it all.