This week has been pretty awesome, overall.  My motivation seems to be returning, and while I’m not completely better, I’m functional. I’d love to stop coughing up green junk.  It’s just disgusting!

Friday was Honors Day, and I received a college-wide dissertation research award.  My advisor wasn’t there to give it to me, so my department head presented the award.  For whatever reason, he thought I wasn’t there, and I had to stand up and make my presence known.  That was good for a laugh.

I just returned from Huge National Conference, and it was a ton of fun!  I gave a presentation on Saturday morning, and it was pretty well-received.  Later that evening, I officially received my award for the presentation I gave last year (based on my diss research).  The rest of the time has been spent going to presentations, having engaging conversations, and socializing.

Today, I had a phone interview with a prospective employer, and it went well.  The school seems pretty decent, and the faculty are a happy bunch.  If all of my travel was fully funded, I’d be happy, too!  It’s a smaller school with a liberal arts focus, but I feel like I’d fit in very well.  Their timeline is pretty quick, given how late in the year it is, so I could hear back about a campus visit as soon as next week.  In the meantime, I have one more job to apply for (culinary psych at an R1 school less than 2 hours away), and I’m still waiting to hear back from my interview from last month.  Things are not entirely bad right now.  Nothing is certain, but at least I have reason to be optimistic.