Still feeling ill-ish.  I seem to have been nursing the same virus/bacteria for almost 2 months now, and this is super uncool.  I’m trying to stay motivated and productive, and it’s hard to even get showered and dressed in the mornings lately.  In a fit of sheer stupidity, I ran a 5K (well, actually a 6K…long story) on Saturday, and that seems to have only set me back even further.  I now have this lovely hacking and productive cough that needs to go away already.  I’m just so done.

I could hear something as early as next week about the outcome of the search and my interview.  Keep those positive thoughts coming, por favor! As I wait, I’m getting other things done, and that’s kept me off the edge.  I’m teaching this weekend, and so I’ve been prepping for class.  Really hoping I don’t have to cancel class due to my sad state of health. If nothing else, I can have them do a lot of group work and discussion to take the onus off me.  I’m sure they’d rather do that anyways.

We spent the better part of 2 days dealing with Renfe’s website (Renfe is the national Spanish train company) after my dear Spouse mistakenly booked our tickets for the San Sebastian to Barcelona leg.  Never order anything before your coffee kicks in, darlings.  He booked them from Barcelona to San Sebastian, and then was unable to change them on the website.  Instead, he cancelled them for a 50% refund.  Then, I spent hours trying to re-book the tickets, only to get error messages saying that my card had not been authorized by the cardholder.  On the upside, my Spanish has improved dramatically after all of this.  I even had a lovely multi-lingual call to Renfe in which I began in Spanish, switched to English, and then French when the agent didn’t know how to say what she needed to in English.  For added fun, my connection was terrible, and I could only hear about half of what she said.  Good times, friends! In the end, it all worked out, but still…I now understand why so many people just cop out and use travel agents or package deals.  This kind of travel definitely isn’t for the impatient!