Since I don’t have any offers in hand, the job hunt continues.  I applied for two more jobs today, one a VAP in an OK location and one a tt in a somewhat desirable location for us.  It seems so weird to be applying for jobs so late in the season, but I have so few options that it’s really the wise thing to do.  Tomorrow marks one year since my very first “real” rejection, but I know I’m in a much better place now than I was then.  For one thing, I know that eventually, this process will end.  Whether that’s by getting hired or giving up, I still don’t know, but I know the end is on the horizon.

Now that the visit’s over, I can concentrate on other matters, like class prep, getting ready for a conference, writing up a conference proposal, and reviewing some stuff for people. I try not to think about the the opportunities that are still as far as I know on the backburner.  Sometimes I think about the people who haven’t returned e-mails or phone calls and I just get pissed off all over again.  People who have jobs have no reason to care about people who don’t, but I do hope that one day they find out how awful it feels to be ignored.