My campus visit today went smashingly.  I gave two different talks (one teaching demo and one research colloquium) that both went off without a hitch.  The institution definitely emphasizes teaching, and so it was important to me that my teaching demo be sharp.  The students were active participants and I even got a round of applause and some kind words from students at the end.  I’d like to think that’s a good sign.

The job is officially posted as a VAP, but the stars seem to have aligned to open up at least 1 tt position that they’ll be searching for next year.  The amount of support faculty get from the department and college is pretty impressive, and everyone seemed to like their work-life balance.  (Everyone has kids or is expecting, which I take as a decent indicator of a manageable workload.)

Even more encouraging is that even though my visit is officially over, I’m going back to campus tomorrow morning to talk to one of the more senior faculty members about some of his research that has really great connections to my own interests.  Can’t hurt, at any rate.

Now, I get to relax, explore the town, and enjoy a leisurely dinner before driving home tomorrow.  The waiting begins, but I feel good about how I did, regardless of the outcome.