I’ve enjoyed the first day of the NCAA basketball tournament, even if I failed to ever fill out a bracket.  The upsets, as usual, are the most fun. Spring Break makes these few days of basketball watching all the more great, because we can stay home and lounge in front of the TV for hours on end.

I leave for my campus visit in 3 days, and I feel ready.  At this point, interviews feel like old hat, and I don’t feel like I need to meticulously write out answers to each and every possible question I might receive.  My talks are in good shape, and I’m working on making myself look impeccable (coloring hair, plucking eyebrows, doing nails, etc.).  I think I’ll wear a cute skirt/shirt/heels ensemble for the dinner upon my arrival and my usual charcoal grey skirt suit (with turquoise silk shell) for my interview day.  Luckily, the weather promises to be lovely, so I don’t have to contend with rain, wind, snow, or extreme cold.

Now, I just relax, finish recovering from my cold, and hope for the best.