Ironically, actual treading water is easy for me, as I played water polo in college.  This more figurative treading water, however, is much more difficult.

I have been faithfully taking allergy shots, irrigating my sinuses, and taking my medications (a steroid pill, two allergy pills, a steroid inhaler, a bronchodilator, and a steroid nose spray) for nearly 6 months now, and I still at times don’t think I’ve seen much improvement.  My morning cough has mostly gone away, to the relief of my spouse, but other problems are afoot.  My allergies have been on overdrive this week with the elevated pollen levels, and I’ve had two vicious respiratory infections in as many months.  I would think that after all of that time, effort, and money that things would be better for me.  To make matters worse, my body doesn’t take well to the shots, so I’m constantly having to step back a dose.  In the long run, things will be better, but the short-term problems are pretty hard to contend with.

I also have a lot of opportunities in the queue, but nothing tangible yet.  I’ve waited nearly 6 weeks about the consulting opportunity that may have not dried up after all and a month for the dissertation review job (he has to hear back from HR about the hiring procedure for me).  I don’t think people understand what their delays do to me financially and emotionally, but maybe I’m just presumptive to think that they’d actually value my time and feelings.  I also wait sometimes as much as 3 weeks for reimbursement from the university for my teaching travel expenses.  It’s not a lot of money, but I resent having to carry a balance on my card (thus accruing interest) for the sake of a university that isn’t paying me jack to begin with.  This wouldn’t be a problem if incompetent people weren’t given jobs.

In short: I’m sick, I’m tired, and feeling a wee bit misanthropic.  More coffee should bring me off the ledge.