Our dinner tonight is an exquisite macaroni and cheese, salad, a dessert of some sort almond cake, and an unoaked Chardonnay a lovely Valpolicella.  Do I know how to be classy or what?  I do hope that this dinner will not represent the undoing of 8 months of work, in which I have finally lost all of my Italy weight, plus another 3 pounds.  I’d still like to lose at least another 5, but that may take a little longer.

My campus visit is officially scheduled for March 20-21.  The 20th is just dinner and the 21st will be an interview, teaching demo (to a real class), and a research colloquium.  I’m really looking forward to it, and I’m relieved to have an entire month to prepare!

The unbloggable situation seemed to be winding down, but then one of the parties in question sent my spouse a rather ill-tempered email earlier today.  It’s a shame when people can’t face up to their issues and deal with them like adults.  However, it’s reassuring to know that my suspicions about the other party were spot-on.  Color me moving on.