Still sick and miserable (though showing some small signs of improvement).  The icing on the cake, however, is pinkeye.  It seems that every time I get any kind of sinus infection, I inevitably get pinkeye.  This case is particularly bad.  I heard a cat crying outside around 4 AM, and worried that it was one of mine.  I got up to investigate, and found that it was some random neighborhood cat, no doubt one of Applejack’s buddies wanting to play.

I made a stop into the bathroom before heading upstairs, and was greeted by a scary image of my right eye completely (yes, completely) crusted over.  I was horrified!  I caught a nasty case of pinkeye at camp when I was 12, but that was nothing compared to this.  I didn’t even know an eye could look like that and still be functional.  Ick!

I really want to be better by this weekend.  I have a lot going on, and being sick really, really sucks.  My healthy lifestyle thus far has not really been paying off in the short term.