Honestly, if my students weren’t so nice and earnest, I’d probably just not even prep for class anymore.  I feel so burned out and fed up with the whole state of affairs, and I feel like I can only give so much without getting something in return.  But, because I owe my students the very best of what I have to offer, I prep for class dutifully and show up with my A-game.  They deserve the best and shouldn’t be collateral damage in my war against burnout.  Ultimately, being a good teacher is the right thing to do, and regardless of what happens, I’ll feel good about what I’ve done.


This weekend, I’m teaching my class (all day tomorrow), then driving home just in time to attend a birthday party for two friends.  Sunday, I’m driving to a nearby city to eat lunch to celebrate yet another friend’s birthday (what were people doing during Cinco de Mayo parties in the 1970s?!).  Upon our return, I’ll be watching what I hope is an exciting Steelers victory!