Here on the 1st anniversary of my dissertation defense, I reflect on how my life is nothing like I thought it would be then, yet I have reason to be hopeful.  My meeting today about the freelance gig with the graduate school was encouraging and fruitful.  I may be “official” as early as next Tuesday, and it pays 75% more than I’d thought.  I’ll spend about 15 hours a week reviewing dissertations, and in doing so will more than double my income.  Can’t say no to that.

Before heading in to my meeting, I got an e-mail saying I’d been shortlisted for a non-academic position at an Ivy.  I nearly fell over!  Once they’ve consulted with my references, I hope I make the next round of cuts.  This particular job capitalizes on a lot of my strengths and experiences, and as a bonus, may open up some serious doors for me in the future.

I woke up this morning feeling dejected and depressed, and in a few hours, my entire outlook changed.  It’s as if the Universe knows when I’m at my breaking point, and pulls me off the ledge.