As a way of making myself feel better, I’m doing more to enhance my appearance and my surroundings.  The last few weeks (illness not withstanding), I have been much more vigilant in keeping the house clean.  This means not letting dishes pile up, keeping the floors swept/vacuumed, making the bed every day, and not leaving clutter around the house. For some, this is old habit, but I have not always been so tidy.  I also have been dusting about 3x/week, and spot cleaning throughout the day every day.  I also did some rearranging recently to make the house seem more spacious and minimalist.  It may not be the most important thing in the world, but it does wonders for my attitude.

I’ve also been paying more attention to my own upkeep.  With the exception of 1 or 2 days, I’ve kept my nails manicured and polished every single day.  Kind of crazy when you consider that my nails from birth to age 23 were always short and unpolished (I was a pianist in my youth).  That people had their nails done weekly/bi-weekly really blew my mind.  I do my own, since I lack the funds for professional intervention, but I think they look pretty decent overall.  It makes me feel more polished and put-together, which is never a bad thing.  I’ve also been trying to dress up a little more, too.  Rather than jeans or workout clothes, I’ve been wearing more coordinated ensembles.  It puts me in the “I am a person who is going to have an awesome job” mode, and hopefully the rest of me follows that lead.

On a related note, I’ve given up on “real” shampoo for bar shampoo.  I have had scalp issues for a couple of years, and I blame sulfates.  Whenever I’ve used super-expensive shampoos that happen to be sulfate free, my scalp seems to calm down a lot.  The stuff I bought took some getting used to (my hair felt like it had been coated in wax one day…ick!), but now my hair and scalp feel lots better.  What’s more, I can wash my hair without using conditioner and still easily pass a comb through it.  This is a huge deal, because I have crazy thick hair.

I think a combination of a tumultuous childhood, a busy schedule, and occasional poor self-esteem really has not been good for me, appearance-wise.  Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t been walking around looking like Chris Farley or smelling gross, but there’s no doubt I haven’t been taking great care of myself.  Rather than complain about it, I’m taking steps to be a better me.  Here’s hoping it pays off not only in a job, but a more positive outlook on life.