My class this semester is off to a promising start.  I worried about having enough to say and maintaining my focus for 6+ hours, but it never really was a problem.  My students are all really nice, mature, and motivated people.  I think the youngest one is at least 30, and the oldest is likely in her 60s.  All of them are already principals or teachers, and are in an executive Ed.D. program.  It will no doubt be an interesting semester.

This week also yielded some more good news on the job front.  I have a phone interview with a university that’s located about 5 hours from here.  What’s more, one of my advisor’s former students is the head of the search committee.  This could be a promising lead!  I also am in the works to do some freelance work for the graduate school reviewing dissertations to ensure formatting compliance and other things.  I’m not sure what it pays, but a little extra money is never a bad thing, especially now.

Because I’ve been so productive this week, I’m basically taking today off to take care of other things.  It will be so nice to laze around on the weekend in a clean house with nothing pressing on my mind.  Happy weekend, everyone.  Stay warm!