I accomplished so much today.  It really stuns me how productive I was, particularly given how sick I’ve been over the past week.  I managed to finish and submit a dissertation award application, prep for my class this Saturday, take care of my now sick spouse (3 guesses as to who infected him), AND clean the entire house top to bottom.

I’m really excited for my phone interview tomorrow morning.  It will be nice to find out more about the job before I decide whether it’s a path worth pursuing.  I talked about it pretty extensively with my advisor today, and I quickly caught a palpable sense of sadness on his part.  It seems that he thinks I’m turning my back on what I’m meant to do, and I made it clear that this in no way means I’m giving up or walking away.  Even if the job is ideal and I do get an offer (and take it), I will be aiming to get back into academe within the next 3 or 4 years.  His utter bafflement at my lack of job prospects both touched and saddened me.  It’s nice to know that someone who knows me and my work as well as he does believes in me, but it’s sad to think that even good people don’t always get what they deserve.  We’ll see where the next few months lead me.