I seem to be getting a little better.  The ickiness teased me with a bit of bronchial action earlier today, and I put the kibosh on that real quick-like. (I have asthma, which makes any kind of respiratory illness very risky and scary for me.)  I’d rather not end up in the ER on the edge of the Southern Snowmageddon.  That can only be miserable.  This entire weekend has been spent in bed with a constant flow of decongestants and warm fluids.  My appetite has been kind of shitty (that’s one way to kick off a weight loss program), but I’ve managed to eat small portions of healthy food, thanks to my dear spouse who made onion soup (from scratch) yesterday and a simple pasta dish tonight.

I really need to get better quickly because I have a few pressing things to accomplish this week, not the least of which is class prep.  I also have a dissertation award to apply for (due late next week), an IRB proposal to renew, and some other research-y things to deal with.

Also at the front of my mind is the realization that if I don’t start hearing back from job apps in the next 3-4 weeks, I’ll pretty much know that I’m screwed.  It’s a rather uncomfortable feeling, but at least I’ll know.   In all of this, I think the uncertainty has been the worst part.  If things don’t pan out this year, I doubt I have the fortitude to put myself through this a 3rd year, but we’ll see what the future holds.

Now, back to my slack-jawed and vacant-eyed viewing of movies on my laptop.