• On Monday, I went in for an allergy shot.  However, I had not had a shot in nearly 2 weeks and I also forgot my supplemental antihistamine.  This was a bad confluence of events, and as a result, I felt like dead shit all day yesterday.  I slept barely a wink on Monday night because of my swollen and itchy throat (clogged with postnasal drip, ick).  Never, ever, ever doing that again.
  • Despite my previous post, I am in some ways looking forward to this semester.  It’s a new class for me, and I’m teaching in a way I’ve never taught before (5 Saturdays this semester, with 8 hours of class each time).  It should be an interesting experience.  Here’s hoping it won’t be an utter disaster!
  • My house is so clean and perfect right now.  We took a trip to IKEA and bought a few items to revamp our den.  Before, we had a lot of mismatched furniture that was the result of combining two households and moving.  Now, we have a snazzy setup that allows us to display our growing vinyl collection (300 or so albums).  I took the opportunity to clear out a bunch of extraneous items that were either useless or unwanted.  It was a cleansing experience in so many ways.

Real Work will be done today, without fail.