Yet another intriguing opportunity has walked into my life.  As with many other things, I don’t know if it’ll even pan out, but it’s worth some consideration.  A friend and colleague of mine asked me if I’d be interested in serving on an independent IRB board related to an organization that employs one of his friends.  I said yes, and then got online to look up the organization to get more insight.

They are hiring.  The job description is exactly a suit for my interests, background, and skill set. I really couldn’t believe it.  I sent in the application materials, and then mentioned it to my colleague.  A generous soul, he immediately put me in touch with his contact there.

I’ve yet to hear back, but if this works out, it really could be a dream job. The only catch I suppose is that it’s a non-academic job.  However, I’ve always had a bleeding-heart, save-the-world tendency, and this job allows me to satisfy that side of me.  It’s in a fantastic location, and I’d be doing interesting work that I know I’d be good at.  A win-win situation, really.

One of my friends kindly noted that when I was rejected for the job last week that it meant that better things were on the horizon.  I didn’t expect to see these possibilities so quickly, but they’re here.  And I am grateful.