I am going to use this break (since I’m not packing up and moving) to really kick some major ass.  There are about two articles I could write or at least start, grants and awards to apply for, and of course, an entire class to prepare.  If I could squeak out another 2 articles and at least one more award before the end of the academic year, it seems impossible that I wouldn’t get something in the way of gainful employment.

I’ve taken some time out to take care of piddly things, clean the house, etc., but now I feel like I need to lock and load.  Four hours of work every day from now until classes resume in mid-January (with days off for Christmas and New Year) will likely result in a couple of decent manuscripts and a fully formed class.  I have two more applications to send out, and then I will have applied for every single job on my list (all 48 of them).  Here’s hoping that the next few months are just overrun with interview invites and job offers!