Still no word.  I have no idea what it means, but at this point, I almost want an answer as much as I want the job.  Almost.  Ok, maybe not, but I do *really* want an answer before I lose my ever-lovin’ mind.

I did, however, manage to channel my anxiety into grading.  I finished my grading this afternoon, tallied the grades, and had them posted by 5:30.  Out of 25 students, 13 made A’s and 8 made B’s.  I think most of them will be happy with their grades, and while it pained me to give less than stellar grades, I do think that my grades are an accurate reflection of acquired knowledge and work output.

This break, I’d like to get at least a few pages on an article based on more of my dissertation work, and perhaps get cracking on some new data collections for the Spring.  Regardless of what happens over the next week, I need to continue to be productive.  I also really need to get back on the running wagon, as November was a total bust for me.  If I don’t start back soon, the weight will surely creep back up on me.