I was giving a make-up exam this afternoon to a student who had difficulties w/ the final due to personal issues (to which I was very sympathetic) when out of the blue, the student fainted.  I was down the hall when it happened, but I swear to the Flying Spaghetti Monster that I flew down the hall without touching the floor once when I was summoned.  Luckily, the paramedics came and convinced the student to visit the ER, and I followed close behind.

It really reminded me of the time I had a car wreck my freshman year of college, and the dean came to stay with me until I had family there to comfort me.  The kindness of that dean has stayed with me, and so I felt compelled to be there for my student until the roommate showed up to keep her company.

All this, and I still have another 11 exams and 25 papers to grade, not to mention a whole class of grades to tally up and post.  Ack!  I’ll be a happy camper after the 14th.