I have managed to survive teaching an entire semester of a graduate-level statistics class.  Before class today, I thanked my students for being motivated people with lots of patience.  I even stayed late to help students with individual questions about the exam and the final assignment.  Now I just have to finish prepping the final.  That should be an interesting challenge, given that I will basically be doing the rest of my work on the day of the final, after I return.  No worries, right?

Tomorrow I buy last minute items, finish packing, get my hair and nails done, and then head to my mom’s so that she can cart us to the airport at o-dark-thirty on Wednesday morning.  I can’t believe it’s time!  Of course, I’m a little nervous (“What if they don’t like me?” “What if I’m really not a great fit for the job?”), but more excited than anything else.  It’s a great chance to go somewhere new and meet new people and share ideas with people.  I feel so lucky to have this kind of opportunity, regardless of the outcome.