I have managed to finish and send in my letter of intent for Huge Awesome Grant (HAG).  Oddly enough, I spent more time procrastinating and thinking about how awful I was to procrastinate than I did actually working on it.  Isn’t that always the way? I’ll know something in the next two months as to whether I qualified.  If so, I’ll have a whole other list of things to do to satisfy their demands.  If not, at least I tried!

Campus visit preparations are going pretty well.  I have run through my teaching and research presentations a few times, read through the cv’s and publications of the faculty and search committee, thought about potential interview questions and answers, started packing, and made a “to-buy” list.  Tomorrow I’ll need to print up a few copies of my cv, sample syllabi, recent pubs, and other documents to give to them.  I’m hoping I get an itinerary in the next 24 hours, because it would be really nice to know what exactly I’ll be doing over the time that I’ll be with them.

My goal over the next three days is to maintain some semblance of sanity.  I’ll just continually tell myself that I’m a great fit for the job, they want to like me, and I know how to do a campus visit.  Yes, I can!